Source for:   Louisa Mason,    - 31 Dec 1839         Index

General Source:   S5

Text:   Louisa has AFN numbers 1Q25-3RP and L8XR-27.


Source for:   William Captain Stone,    - BEF 1838         Index

General Source:   S1343

Text:   . . . Captain Stone died before 1838, as stated in land record of son Joseph Stone, Book D, page 132.
Stone, as heirs at law of Captain (given name) Stone, late of Albion Lot 18, out lot containing 7 acres.
24 Day Dec. 1838signed
Joseph Stone
Eliza Jane Stone
sold to James Thread. . . .


Source for:   Elisha James Chism,    -          Index

General Source:   S5

General Source:   S283
Page:   Unpg

Note:   See either of wives' information.
Date:   1882/1883

General Source:   S317
Page:   p. 16

Note:   Marriage Book "A", p. A023
Text:   Elisha Chism, groom, and Hester Thread, bride, married 1 Jan 1834, p. A023, by Alan Emmerson.
Date:   1834


Source for:   Jane Stone,   8 Sep 1809 - 14 Dec 1885         Index

General Source:   S5

General Source:   S315

Note:   There are two white females age 20-30 years of age in the 1835 State Census for Edwards Co., Illinois. That would make Jane born 1800-1810.

General Source:   S1337

Text:   Jane Stone, daughter of Captain [given name] Stone, born 8 Sept 1809 in Surrey, England, died 14 Dec 1885 in Bone Gap, Edwards County, Illinois, and buried beside her husband in the Thread Family Cemetery near Bone Gap. She is referred to as Jane “Flower” by members of the family in Edwards County, probably because she lived with the Flowers family. It is also said that she was adopted by them.

James Thread, born 21 Mar 1802, Surrey, England. Died 11 July 1859. Will-Probate Record in Edwards County Courthouse, Albion, Illinois. Came to America with his sister, Jane Thread, in 1818 on the sailing vessel, "Betsy Columbia," with the Flower and Birkbeck Movement. The sister, Jane Thread, married Edward Colyer at or near Bonpas Town.
Married 1824
Jane Flowers, born 8 Sept 1809 in Surrey, England and married James Thread, who had returned to England in 1824. Died 14 Dec 1885. Buried in Thread Family Cemetery, Edwards County, Illinois.

General Source:   S530

Text:   Thread, Jane
Mother/Jane/Wife of James Thread
B. Sept. 8, 1809 - D. Dec. 14, 1885


Source for:   Sarah Elizabeth Barnes,   24 Aug 1837 - 26 Sep 1884         Index

General Source:   S370

Note:   This source gives her birth on 24 August 1837 which agrees with birth date I had. Marriage date of 29 April 1857 is the same. Death date and burial are new and this source states she died 26 September 1883 and is buried in the Palestine Methodist Cemetery. Cemetery record says she dies 1884 and I have 1884 in notes from 1970's.

General Source:   S383
Page:   p. 32

Text:   Smothers, Sarah E. (Wife of J. F. Smothers) Aug. 24, 1837 - Sept. 26, 1884.


Source for:   Henry Bennett,    -          Index

General Source:   S5

Note:   Henry was also in Ancestral File as Henry Bennette with AFN: 1Q25-3XQ.

General Source:   S317
Page:   p. 9

Note:   Early Marriage Licenses
Text:   Henry Bennett, groom, and Elizabeth Thread, bride, married 12 May 1829 by Alan Emmerson, J.P.
Date:   1829