Source for:   Psyche (Sophia) (Switzn) Rittenhouse,   1693 - 1748         Index

Birth source:    S111

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Text:   Psyche Rittenhouse; Female; Birth: 1693 Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Father: Nicholas or Klaus or Claus Rittenhouse; Mother: Wilhelmina Dewees; Spouse: Unavailable


Source for:   Garrett DeWees or Hendricks,   ABT 1641 - AFT 1700         Index

General Source:   S722
Page:   Under Wilhelmina DeWees

Text:   Gives parents of Wilhelmina DeWees as Garrett Hendricks or DeWeese or DeWees b. 1641 in Of Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherland and mother Zytian (Sytje, Sion) Liuwes b. 1644 in Netherlands. Ancestral File # C7KB-3H (for Wilhelmina probably).
Date:   20 Sep 2003

General Source:   S723

Text:   SECOND GENERATION lists #2 Gerrit (Gerhardt) Hendricksz DeWees was born in 1640 in Amsterdam, Holland. He died after 1700 in Germantown, Pa. He was married to Zytian (Sytie) Lieuwes on 28 Sep 1662 in Lieuwarden, Holland; and #3. Zytian (Sytie) Lieuwes was born before 1649 in Lieuwarden, Holland. She died after 1702 in Germantown, Pa. Children were:
       i. Cornelius DeWees.
      ii. Lysbeth DeWees was born about 1681 in New Amsterdam. She was baptized on 2 Apr 1681 in New Amsterdam.
     iii. Willem (William) DeWees was born about 1680 in New Amsterdam. He was baptized on 30 Mar 1680 in New Amsterdam. He died on 3 Mar 1745 in Germantown, Pa.
     iv. Hendrick DeWees was born about 1677 in New Amsterdam. She was baptized on 13 oct 1677 in New Amsterdam. She died on 30 Jun 1694 in Philadelphia, Pa.
      v. Lambert DeWees was born about 1675 in New Amsterdam. She was baptized on 9 Nov 1675 in New Amsterdam.
     vi. Ariaentie DeWees was born about 1673 in New York, NY. She was baptized on 24 Sep 1673 in New Amsterdam.
    vii. Lambert DeWees died in 1672 in New York, NY. She was born about 1672 in New Amsterdam. She was baptized on 5 May 1672 in New Amsterdam.
viii. Dievertie DeWees was born about 1666 in New Amsterdam. She was baptized on 7 Nov 1666 in New Amsterdam.
     ix. Willemyntie (Wilhelmenia) DeWees was born before 1664 in Lieuwarden, Friesland. She died in 1737 in Philadelphia, Pa.
Date:   20 Sep 2003


Source for:   Cornelius DeWees,   ABT 1682 - AFT 1735         Index

General Source:   S724

Note:   This is only source so far that gives dates and places for Cornelius.
Text:   Cornelius Dewees born about 1682 in New York, NY; married abt 1704 to Margaret Kuster in Pennsylvania; and died aft 1735 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.
Date:   20 Sep 2003


Source for:   William or Willem DeWees,   ABT 1680 - 3 Mar 1745         Index

General Source:   S408

Text:   ...There is at least a possibility that the second paper mill in America - the Rittenhouse Mill was the only one 'till 1710 - stemmed from the first. It was erected in Germantown by William De Wees, a brother-in-law of Nicholas Rittenhouse, another son of William. It is suggested that he learned the art from the original American papermaker [William Rittenhouse].


Source for:   Lewis DeWees,   ABT 1670 - ABT 1743         Index

General Source:   S724

Text:   This is the only source that lists Lewis DeWees as a child of this couple. GIves him born abt 1670 in New York or Netherlands; married abt 1706 at Sussex Co., DE; and died abt 1743 at Kent Co., DE. Spouse Mary Wheeler.
Date:   20 Sep 2003


Source for:   David Rittenhouse,   8 Apr 1732 - 25 Jun 1796         Index

General Source:   S5

Note:   Gives David's birth and death dates and places, parents' names, and names of two wives with marriage date and place for the wife Eleanor Coulston. Submitters include: Ruth Schmidt Rittenhouse, 730 Garden Road, Glenside, PA 19038 in 1997; Earl Jay Nielson, 862 Oakridge Drive, Farmington, Utah 84025 in 1992; and Melissa Perkins Baskett, 7459 Ivy Hills Place, Cincinnati, Ohio 45244 in 1996.

General Source:   S725
Page:   Vol. 20, No. 1, p. 6

Text:    As we mark the 300th birthday of Dr. Benjamin Franklin, it is fitting to review his long affiliation with David Rittenhouse.
*Both were dedicated members of America's premier scientific organization (coincidently founded by Franklin), the American Philosophical Society. Franklin's reputation as the country's foremost scientist is legendary, however, in matters of astronomy and mathematics he always deferred to Rittenhouse's sounder knowledge.
*Upon Franklin's death in 1790, as Vice President of the American Philosophical Society Rittenhouse succeeded him.
*In 1776, due to pressing matters concerned with the Revolutionary War, Franklin resigned as a member of the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly and Rittenhouse was elected in his place.
*Both men served on the Pennsylvania COmmittee of Safety which was charged to make recommendations for fortifying the Delaware River against British attack.
*Both men were elected delegates in 1776 to the convention to draft a new constitution for Pennsylvania.
*Rittenhouse helped draft the funeral tribute to Franklin read at the American Philosophical Society.
Date:   Spring 2006