Source for:   James Peyton Tyner,   19 Jul 1910 - 12 Mar 1961         Index

General Source:   S105

Note:   During 1966, Virginia Ann Butler gave Elizabeth Rittenhouse Lamb the names and dates for James Payton Tyner I, his wife (herself), their three children and five grandchildren.
Date:   1966


Source for:   Carrie Hannah Robb,   14 Jan 1886 - 25 Dec 1966         Index

General Source:   S5


Source for:   Vernon Carrico Foster,   31 Oct 1904 - 8 Feb 1990         Index

General Source:   S108

Text:   Ordinance Index : Vernon Carrico Foster, born Pittsburg, Laurel, Kentucky on 31 Oct 1904, died 8 Feb 1990 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona. Father William Luther Foster and mother Della Pearl. Married to Alta Lottie Hancock, 8 Feb 1929, Phoenix, AZ. Sealed to spouse on 21 May 1997 in Ogden Temple. Vernon was baptized on 3 Oct 1997 and endowed on 11 May 1998, both in Ogden Temple. He was sealed to his parents on 11 Mar 1999 in the Jordan River Temple.
Pedigree Resource: Vernon's pedigree was submitted by Jeremiah Burnham, 3165 Larga Avenue., Los Angeles, CA 90039.
Date:   2005


Source for:   Ephraim Johnson Brown,   25 Jun 1821 - 3 Feb 1883         Index

General Source:   S5

General Source:   S109

Text:   Household 2130, Family 2187: Ephraim Brown, age 29, male, cooper, Real Estate $400, born Ohio. Maria, age 28, female, born Pennsylvania. Margaret R., age 6, female, born Ohio. Jeremiah H., age 4, male, born Ohio. John L., age 1, male, born Ohio. Jane Stephenson, age 50, female, born Pennsylvania.
Date:   Sep 1850

General Source:   S110
Page:   page 2

Note:   Louise J. Brown is a great grandmother of Judith Lamb Rittenhouse. Margaret Brown, age 73, is mother of Ephraim Johnson Brown.
Text:   9/9 Brown, Ephraim, age 48, male, white, farmer, Real Estate Value $6000, Personal Value $6080, born in Ohio
        Brown, Mahale B., age 57, female, white, keeping house, born North Carolina.
        Brown, Margret R., age 25, female, white, born Ohio.
        McNeff, Martin L., age 20, male, white, born Indiana, attended school within the year.
        Brown, Mary E., age 17, female, white, born Indiana, attended school within the year.
        Brown, Louisa J., age 14, female, white, born Indiana attended school within the year.
        Brown, Margret, mother, age 73, female, white, born Virginia.
        Brown, Clara L., age 6, female, white, born Iowa.
        Brown, Oliver R., age 33, male, white, farm laborer, born Pennsylvania.
Date:   2 Jun 1870

General Source:   S4
Page:   p. 49


Source for:   Maria Sturgeon,   11 May 1822 - 26 Mar 1857         Index

General Source:   S5

Note:   There were two Ancestral File numbers for Maria Sturgeon: B6NJ-5V and 50FJ-7W.
50FJ-7W gives her born in Brownsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania. B6NJ-5V gives her born about 1830 in Centerville, Appanoose, Iowa.


Source for:   Wattie Tyner Allison,   23 May 1924 - 10 Oct 1997         Index

General Source:   S4
Page:   p 22


Source for:   Alfred Scott Hocking,   13 Sep 1861 - 23 Feb 1923         Index

Burial source:    S14

Note:   Chart gives internment date and Rose Hill Cemetery along with birth, death, and marriage dates and places.

General Source:   S5

General Source:   S112

Note:   In folder for Archive Records.
Text:   Actual record gives ordinances performed in 1968 except sealings on 12 Dec 1969 in the Los Angeles Temple. Sealed by Rellis V. Petty with witnesses Herman L. Andelin and Gordon F. Hunter. Serving as proxies are Quinton and Shirley M. C. Hunsaker. Shirley V. B. Stedham was a proxie for Alma Elizabeth Hocking.

General Source:   S113

General Source:   S114
Page:   ERL Drawer A File 8

Text:   The U.S. Federal Court, embracing most of the Indian Territory, was established at Murkogee in 1889 and at Ardmore, possibly the next years. Later, four districts were formed. (1) Northern District, established 1895, covering the area of the Cherokee Nation and the nations of the Quapaw Agency, with Vinita as court seat. (2) Central District, established 1895, covering the area of the Creek and Seminole Nations, with Muskogee as the court seat. (3) Southern District, established 1895, covering the area of the Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, with South McAlester as court seat. (4) Western District, established 1897, covering the area of the Chickasaw Country, with Ardmore as the court seat. Note: Some at Ft. Smith.

General Source:   S115

Note:   An e-mail from Judith Rittenhouse to Susan Griffith and David Ellison: In looking for something else, came across an unlabeled folder with the following in the front, handwritten by Elizabeth Rittenhouse Lamb: An Interesting Discovery: My Maternal Grandfather Alfred Scott Hocking: Through his mother, Cynthia Abigail Porter, was a direct descendant of Rev. Jesse Glover, who brought the first printing press to America. My Paternal Grandfather Austin James Rittenhouse: I Through both his father, James Rittenhouse, and his mother, Rebecca Bell, was a direct descendant of William Rittenhouse, the first papermaker and also the first Mennonite Bishop in America. Note from JRC: He was the first Mennonite preacher in America but was probably never ordained a Bishop because no one who could perform that ordinance ever came to America.
Date:   9 Apr 2005

General Source:   S4
Page:   p. 126

Note:   This book has pictures of Alfred in his peach orchards. Also has a picture of him with his wife and their grandchildren: Alma Elizabeth Rittenhouse and Austin James Rittenhouse II at the Rittenhouse home Oklahoma City.

General Source:   S116
Page:   P. 97

Note:   ERL Files, Drawer E, folder titled "Hocking - Marriage Records"
Text:   Marriage License. State of Illinois, Edwards County. The People of the State of Illinois, To any Person legally authorized to solemnize Marriage Greeting, Marriage may be celebrated Between Mr. Alfred S. Hocking of Shielby Precinct in the County of Edwards and the State of Illinois of the age of Twenty-Three years and Miss Sarah Bunting of Albion Precinct in the County of Edwards and the State of Illinois of the age of Twenty-one years. Witness Charles Emmerson County Clerk and the seal of said County at his office in Albion in said Edwards County, this 1st day of August A.D. 1885. Signed Charles Emmerson County Clerk. State of Illinois Edwards County; I, Walter R. Couch a Christain Minister herby certify that Mr. Alfred Scott Hocking and Miss Sarah Bunting were united in marriage by me at George Bunting's in the County of Edwards and the State of Illinois on the 2nd day of August A.D. 1885. Signed Walter R. Couch a minister.

Illinois State Board of Health: Return of a Marriage to County Clerk. Full Name of Groom, Alfred Scott Hocking; Place of Residence, Shelby Precinct; Occupation, Farmer; Age at next birthday, 24 years. Color, White. Race, American; Place of Birth, Shelby Precinct Edwards County Illinois; Father's name, Thomas Hocking; Mother's Maiden name Cynthia Abigail Porter; Number of Groom's marriage, 1; Full Name of Bride, Sarah Bunting; Place of Residence, Albion Precinct; Age next birthday, 22 years. Color, White. Race, English; Place of Birth, Albion Precinct; Father's name, George Bunting; Mother's Maiden Name, Eliza Colyer; Number of Brides's marriage, 1. Married at George Bunting's in the County of Edwards and the State of Illinois, the 2nd day of August 1885. Witnesses to Marriage, signed; Walter Hocking and Russel Bunting. August 2nd 1885. Signed Alfred Scott Hocking, Sarah Bunting. We hereby Certify that the above is correct return of a marriage solemized by me. Dated at George Bunting this 2nd day of August 1885. Signed Walter R. Couch; Minister.
Certificate of Copy; State of Illinois County of Edwards: I, Emory A. Reid, County Clerk and Recorder in and for said County, in the State aforesaid, and Keeper of the records a seal thereof, do hereby certify the foreging to be a true, perfect and complete copy of, Marriage Record of Alfred S. Hocking and Sarah Bunting as registered August 3rd 1885 in Marraige Register 1, page 97, the original of said copy being on file now in my office remaining. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunder set my hand and affixed the seal of said Edwards County Clerk at my office in Albion this 25th day of May A.D. 1967. Signed Emory A. Reid County Clerk and Recorder.
Date:   1885

General Source:   S14

General Source:   S117
Page:   Page 97

Note:   In ERL Drawer E. Copied by Judith Rittenhouse Carpenter on 2 Dec 2000.
Text:   August 1, 1885, License No. 1479. Alfred S. Hocking and Sarah Bunting married August 2, 1885, Certified by Walter R. Couch, M. G. (minister of the Gospel). Recorded August 3, 1885
Date:   1 Aug 1885