Source for:   Wiley Pevahouse Dennis,   24 Mar 1852 - 21 May 1887         Index

General Source:   S127

Text:   Full name Wiley Pevehouse Dennis.
Birth: 24 Mar 1852, Walcott, Greene, Arkansas
Marriage: About 1872, Greene, Arkansas to Nancy A. Waldrum
Death: 21 May 1882, Walcott, Greene, Arkansas
Burial: 23 May 1882, Mt. Zion Cemetery, Greene, Arkansas
Parents: Robert White Dennis and Elenor Thompson.


Source for:   Robert Anderson Dennis,   8 May 1858 - 3 Jun 1891         Index

General Source:   S1150
Page:   Vol. III, p. 12

Text:   Minnie W. Rousseau, age 18, and Robert A. Dennis, age 23, Walcott Township, married 4 Jan 1882.
Date:   1882


Source for:   Elizabeth Thompson,   12 Dec 1828 -          Index

General Source:   S203
Page:   p 557

Text:   The census of 1860 lists the widow Bobbitt as 80 years old. Her children follow: Edward married Miss Cardwell, after ger death married Batsy Thompson, daughter of Laurence and Jane Mattix Thompson. Their child, Ed, married Caroline Waldrum. There was another child James. There is more information about the children of the first wife in this book.


Source for:   Mary Jane Newson,   4 Jan 1838 -          Index

General Source:   S298
Page:   Handwritten p. 3; typed p. 318

Text:   14/14 Thompson, Mary J., age 33, F, W, Widow/keeping house, $1500/$600, born Mississippi.
        Joseph A., age 8, M, W, born Arkansas, cannot read or write.
        Nancy E., age 6, F, W, born born Arkansas, cannot read or write.
        Edward A., age 1, M, W, born Arkansas, cannot read or write.
Date:   23 Jun 1870

General Source:   S1152
Page:   p. 337

Text:    p. 337: THOMPSON--Laurence. . .
        Edward Laurence Thompson married Nov 17, 1859 to Mary Jane Newsom, daughter of Sterling Newsom and they had four children:
        1. Joseph Adam (1861)
        2. Nancy Ellen (1864) married David Edwards
        3. Laurence Thompson (1866-1874).
        Edward Laurence in 1870 and Mary Jane married Bill Hester and had three more children. (That's what it says--JRC) . . .


Source for:   Mahala Suftin,   18 Dec 1814 - 24 Jun 1889         Index

General Source:   S827

Text:   71/71 Mahalie Thompson, age 40, female, born Tennessee. Real Estate Value $660. Personal Estate 2301. James Thompson, age 10, male, born Arkansas.
Date:   13 Jun 1860


Source for:   Luke Bunting,   11 Mar 1841 - 29 Aug 1870         Index

General Source:   S314

Text:   Little Prairie Cemetery, Bunting, Luke, Died Aug. 29, 1870, Age 27 y, 10 m, 25 d

General Source:   S795

Note:   Original copy of census looks like Luke was age 29 which would make him born 1841 rather than 1846. Also says that Clara's mother is of foreign birth, but we have her mother, Maria, born in Illinois.
Text:   212/211 Bunting, Luke, 29, male, white, farmer, $1500/$200, born in Illinois, father of foreign birth
        Bunting, Maria, 22, female, white, keeping house, born in Illinois, father of foreign birth
        Bunting, Clara, 3, female, white, born in Illinois, mother of foreign birth
        Bunting, Elizth., 8/12, female, white, born in Illinois, born Oct. 1869

General Source:   S828
Page:   vol. C, page 377

Text:    Groom Bride Date Vol./Page County
Bunting, Luke Stafford, Maria 09/19/1866 C/ 377 Edwards Co.

General Source:   S148
Page:   Luke E. Bunting

Text:   Luke E. Bunting, Born: 4 Dec 1842 in , Edwards, IL, USA, Died: 29 Aug 1870 in , Edwards, IL, USA, Parents: George Bunting and Elizabeth Willis

General Source:   S535
Page:   p. 2

Text:   William Bunting, Eveline Bunting, Luke Bunting, Wright Bunting, Joel Bunting, George A. Bunting, Charlotte Bunting, and Elizabeth Bunting are all listed for Box 17, no. 54.