Source for:   John Franklin Bandy,   19 Oct 1844 - 19 May 1873         Index

General Source:   S145

Text:   John Franklin Bandy, son of John Wesley Bandy and Priscilla Osborn. John Franklin born 19 Oct 1844 in TN and died 19 May 1873 in Litchfield, Montgomery, IL. Married on 11 Oct 1865 to Mary D. Helfley in Montgomery Co., IL. Married in 1871 to Ellen Stivers Wainwright on 2 Aug 1871. Sources are private papers; BANDYPA4.FTW; Illinois Marriage INdex; Correspondence to Burton Eubank; and miscellaneous papers.
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General Source:   S828

Note:   Marriage to first wife Mary D. Hefley and second wife Mrs. Ellen Wainwright.
Text:   Groom: Bandy, John F., Bride: Hefley, Mary D., Date: 10/11/1865, Vol./Page: --/--, License No.: 002959, County: Montgomery.
Groom: Bandy, John F., Bride: Wainwright, Ellen (Mrs), Date: 08/03/1871, Vol./Page: 006/0108, License No.: 00004409, County: Montgomery.


Source for:   Thomas Dinwiddie,   CAL 1790 -          Index

General Source:   S828

Text:   Groom: Dinwiddle, Thos, Bride: Bandy, Rhoda, Date: 03/23/1854, Vol./Page: 001/0112, License No.: 00003354, County: Greene
Date:   23 Mar 1854


Source for:   Lewis Madison Bandy,   17 Mar 1837 - 22 Apr 1910         Index

General Source:   S385

Note:   This site also has children's names and date.
Text:   Lewis Madison Bandy, born 17 Mar 1837,,Tennessee. Died 22 Apr 1910, Honey Bend, Montgomery, Illinois. Parents are Bluford and Elizabeth Creecy. Spouse #1 is Margaret Jane Blue, born abt 1837 in Kentucky.
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General Source:   S1154
Page:   Page 112

Note:   Notice that Lewis lives next to Oliver Buley who later marries Locky Jane Bandy.
Text:   840/853 Lewis M. Bandy, age 24, male, farmer, $250, born in Tennessee
        Jane Bandy, age 25, female, born in Kentucky
        George Bandy, age 3, male, born in Illinois
        James Bandy, age 2, male, born in Illinois
        Mary Bandy, age 3/12, female, born in Illinois
Date:   22 Jun 1860

General Source:   S1155
Page:   Page No. 16

Note:   Notice that Lewis Bandy lives near Jacob Lemon who is married to Lewis' sister Senia. He also lives near the Briggs family who has a son Burd who later marries Lewis' cousin Lucy J. Bandy.
Text:   107/107 Bandy, Lewis, age 32, male, farming, $250 - value of personal estate, born in Tennessee
        Bandy, Margaret J., age 33, female, keeping house, born in Kentucky
        Bandy, George, age 12, male
        Bandy, James, age 11, male
        Bandy, Mary E., age 9, female
        Bandy, Morgan, age 6, male
        Bandy, Nora, age 4, female
        Bandy, Clara, age 3, female
        Bandy, Charles, age 2, male, born in Illinois
Everyone is white. George, James and Mary were all born in Illinois and attended school within the year. Morgan, Nora and Clara were all born in California.
Date:   29 Jun 1870

General Source:   S1162

Text:   Name: Lewis M. Bandy, Gender: Male, Spouse Name: Margaret J. Blue, Marriage Date: Feb 12, 1857, Marriage County: Montgomery, Comments: This record can be found at the County Court Records, Film# 1315683-1315686
Date:   12 Feb 1857

General Source:   S1006
Page:   p. 7, 8

Note:   Macon Co., TN, was not formed until 1842 from Smith and Summer Counties. Litchfield is not a county, but a city in Montgomery County
Text:   page 7: +70i. Louis Madison5 Bandy, born March 17, 1837 in Macon Co., Tennessee; died April 22, 1910 in Litchfield Co., Illinois.
page 8: 70. Louis Madison5 Bandy (Bluford4, Cary3, Thomas2, Richard1) was born March 17, 1837 in Macon Co., Tennessee, and died April 22, 1910 in Litchfield Co., Illinois. He married (1) Margaret Jane Blue February 12, 1857 in Montgomery Co., Illinois, daughter of James Blue and Susan WIlliams. She was born 1836, and died March 4, 1872 in Montgomery Co., Illinois. He married (2) Martha Sammons May 30, 1872 in Montgomery Co., Illinois. She was born Unknown. He married (3) Martha Sammons November 12, 1881. She was born Unknown. He married (4) Mary E. Mason February 11, 1897. She was born Unknown. He married (4) Mary E. Mason February 11, 1897. She was born Unknown. He married (5) Margaret C. Clark August 27, 1897 in Montgomery Co., Illinois. She was born December 1846 in Indiana, and died Unknown.

General Source:   S1208
Page:   Page No. 8, S.D. 6, E.D. 159, Film 1254237

Text:   62/68 Louis Bandy, Male, age 43, married, farming, he and mother born in Tenn. No birthplace for father.
        Martha Bandy, Female, age 45, wife, married, keeping house, she was born in Illinois and parents in Tenn.
        Morgan Bandy, Male, age 18, son, born in California, attended school within last year
        Susan Bandy, Female, age 16, daughter
        Clara Bandy, Female, age 13, daughter, at school, attended school within last year
        Charles Bandy, Male, age 12, at school, attended school within last year, cannot write
        Bluford Bandy, Male, age 10, at school, attended school within last year, cannot write
Everyone is white. All five children are single, their father born in Tennessee and their mother born in Illinois.Morgan, Susan and Clara were born in California. Charles and Bluford were born in Illinois.
Date:   9 Jun 1880

General Source:   S828

Text:   (1)Groom: Bandy, Lewis M., Bride: Blue, Margaret J., Date: 02/12/1857, Vol./Page: -/-, License No.: 00001615, County: Montgomery.
(2)Groom: Bandy, Lewis M., Bride:Thompson, Martha (Mrs), Date: 05/30/1872, Vol./Page: 006/0119, License No.: 00004615, County: Montgomery.
(3)Groom: Bandy, Lewis M., Bride: Thompson, Martha, Date: 11/13/1881, Vol./Page: 001/0074, License No.: 00006910, County: Montgomery.
(4)Groom: Bandy, Lewis M., Bride: King, Mary E. (Mrs), Date: 02/02/1892, Vol./Page: 001/0192, License No.: 00009516, County: Montgomery.
(5)Groom: Bandy, Louis M., Bride: Jordan, Margaret C., Date: 08/29/1897, Vol./Page: A /150, License No: 11063---, County: Montgomery.

General Source:   S1267
Page:   S.D. 12, E.D. 96, Sheet No. 9B

Text:   180/181 Bandy, Louis M., head, male, born Mar 1837, age 63, married, has been married 3 years, he and
        parents born in Tennessee, farmer, rents farm
        Bandy, Margret E., wife, female, born Dec 1846, age 53, married, has been married 3 years, had 10
        children, 5 children living, she and her mother born in Indiana, father born in New York
        Bandy, Robert J., son, male, born July 1889, age 10, he and father born in Illinois, mother born in Indiana,
        at school, attended school 8 months
        Rshton, Alice M., granddaughter, female, born Aug 1891, age 8
        Ruston, George A., grandson, male, born Oct 1896, age 3
Everyone is white. Louis, Margret and Robert are all able to read, write and speak English. Alice and George are single, born in Illinois, their father born in Illinois and their mother born in California.
Date:   22 Jun 1900