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Note:   Parlie Hocking submitted her birth about 1820 in Ruan Lanihorne, England.

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General Source:   S486
Page:   Drawer E, Richard Hocking of England File

Text:   Dear Elizabeth, Or should I say Cousin Elizabeth. It seems as tho (sic) I find a new one every day. Please excuse the paper. I almost have to have lines anymore. I have worked on the Gibson (Gipson) line a long time. Yes Prudence Lough was a sister of my ggrandmother Temperance. My mother was also Temperance. Enclosed is the 1850 census I got several years ago. Since Temperance was married in 1847 she is not listed. I have also taken the liberty of sending your name and address to Mr. Dale Walden, 1910 North 8th, Boise, Idaho 83702. He is also a greatgrandson of Peter and Prudence Lough. He can probably give you the whole history of the Lough family. Most of the Gibsons including the parents of Prudence, the Loughs and the Byranes are buried in a beautiful little country cemetery just a few miles from Olney. As I remember Robert C. Lough was known as Uncle Dutch. I have filled out a family sheet on the Peter Lough family. I am almost sure they are not in rotation (sic) and maybe some figures are incorrect. But I'm sure Mr. Walden can give you more help. Happy Hunting, Lola B. Taylor
Date:   11 Apr 1973

General Source:   S487

Note:   Copied by the Compiler at The Edwards County Historical Society Building, Albion, Illinois from the Obituary Files.
Text:    Temperance Lough was born in Loudon County, West Virginia (sic) February 6, 1825. She was married to Richard Hocking July 22, 1841. To them were born eleven children of whom nine are still living, five sons and four daughters.
      "Aunt Temp" as she was familiarly called, was converted and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church near Old Bone Gap at the age of 15, more than half a century ago. Besides the nine children, she has thirty-five grand-children and six great-grandchildren. She died at her home in Bone Gap very suddenly June 16, 1898, at the age of 73 yrs 4 mos 10 days.
      Having lived a consistent Christian life she died, as we believe, triumphantly.
      The writer preached her funeral sermon at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning. A large number of relatives and friends followed her remains to their final resting place and tenderly laid them away.
S. A. McIntosh
Date:   23 Jun 1898

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Text:   V2 Richard Hocking and Temperance Lough - Their 11 Children & Their Descendants.


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Page:   P. 327 A lines 38-42; page 327B lines 1-6

Note:   Elizabeth R. Lamb files Drawer E.
Text:   Lough, Peter, age 57, farmer, born Virginia.
        , Prudence, age 48, born Virginia.
        , Charles B., age 20, farmer, born Virginia.
        , Nicholas, age 18, farmer, born Virginia.
        , Lavernia, age 16, born Virginia.
        , John C., age 14, born Virginia.
        , Peter M., age 12, born Virginia.
        , Martha A., age 9, born Illinois.
        , Mary, age 7, born Illinois.
        , George W., age 4, born Illinois.
        , Prudence, age 1, born Illinois.


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Birth source:    S111

Note:   Ordinance work for birthday of 30 Nov. 1835 begun in 1999. Ordinance work for 1946-1948 done for birthday abt 1844.
Date:   Oct 2000

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General Source:   S14

Text:   States born 1834 in Bone Gap, Edwards, Illinois.

General Source:   S111

Note:   Read following from ordinance index on 23 Mar 2004: For William Henry Hocking with same birth and death information, he was baptized 28 Apr 1999 in the St. George Temple. For birth @1836 in Bone Gap, Edwards, Illinois, and death simply in Bone Gap, he has Baptism on 17 Jan 1946, endowment on 4 Jun 1947 and sealed to spouse Rhoda Grounds on 24 Nov 1952. For birth information in 1835 but died on 14 Oct 1914, he has baptism on 5 Dec 2001, endowment on 16 Mar 2002, and sealed to parents on 24 Apr 2002, each in the Logan Temple.

General Source:   S279

Text:   552/550 Hocking, William, age 34, male, butcher, real estate value $2400, personal $250, born Illinois, father of foreign birth, citizen of U.S. of 21 years. Laura, age 27, female, keeping house, born Illinois. Martha, age 9, female, born Illinois. Nellie, age 5, female, born Illinois. All were white.
Date:   4 Jul

General Source:   S494

Note:   Gives his death year as 1875.

General Source:   S360

General Source:   S495
Page:   Series 373

Note:   Probably divorce from Laura Jane Stennett.
Text:   Salt Lake County, Utah Civil and Criminal Case Files, 1852-1887 Record about William Henry Hocking. Name: William Henry Hocking. Plaintiff or Defendant: D. Case Type: Divorce. Filing Date: 3/13/1869. Opposing party: Hocking. Reel: 18. Box/ Folder Number: 13/082.
Date:   2003

General Source:   S496

Text:   (1) War Department,
        710294762 Min C, 245-562. ADJUTANT GENERAL'SOFFICE,
        Washington, May 22, 1883.
      Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions. William H. Hocking, a Private of Company H, 26 Regiment Ill. Infty Volunteers, was enrolled on the 1 day of November, 1861, at Olney, Ills. 3 ys., and is reported: on rolls from date of enrollment to Oct. 31, 1862. Present. Nov/62 to February 28/63 - Absent without leave. - March and April '63 - Discharged at St. Louis Mo. March 31/63 on Surgeon's Certificate of Disability.
Co. Returns September 1862 shows him "Sick in Hospital" - November and December. "Nurse in Hospital at Corinth, Mississippi"
Nature of sickness not stated
Regimental Hospital records not on file
Cert. of Disability corroborates the above date and place of discharge.
        M. Bailey
        Assistant Adjutan General.
        Minor Children's Pension.
        CLAIM OF
        James S. Stone
        Guardian of Orphan Children of
        William H. Hocking, Dec'd,
        Co. H, 26th Reg't. Ills. Vols.
Widow's No. 294752
his true and lawful Attorney.(sic) with full power of substitution, to prosecute this claim for pension, and receive the certificate to be issued therefor.
      His Post office address is Albion, County of Edward State of Illinois.
        William H. Johns James S. Stone
        William McGregor Signature of Guardian.(above)
      Also personally appeared William H. Johns and William McGregor residents of Albion, County of Edwards, State of Illinois, whom I certify to be respectable and entitled to credit, and who being by me first duly sworn, said that they were present and saw James S. Stone sign his name to the foregoing declaration and Power of Attorney; and they further swear that they have every reason to believe, from the appearance of the applicant and their acquaintance with him, that he is the identical person he represents himself to be. That they have been well acquainted with William H. Hocking deceased, and with his children the aforesaid wards of the said guardian, for two years, and know that they are all and the only children of said William H. Hocking under sixteen years of age; and that they verily believe, from their personal knowledge, that the names, ages and residences of these is as stated by their guardian in the foregoing declaration. And further, that the wife of said William H. Hocking, died on the 25th day of May 1884, that the said guardian and his said wards has not in any manner aided or abetted the rebellion in the United States; and further, that the parents of the said children aforesaid lived together as husband and wife, and were so reputed; and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.
        SIGNATURES OF WITNESSES:{William H. Johns
{William McGregor
      Sworn to, acknowledged and subscribed before me, this 15th day of March 1886 and I hereby certify that the contents of the foregoing declaration of claimant and affidavit of witnesses was made known to each of them before administering the oath; and that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.
William B. Trilec(?)
        Official Signature: Clerk Circuit Court

(3) General Affidavit for Any Purpose.
        SEE FOOT NOTE.
STATE OF Illinois
        COUNTY OF Edwards ss:
      Personally appeared John Wilson and Peter S. McKibben(?) of Albion P.O., County of Edwards, State of Illinois who, being duly sworn upon their oaths declare as follows: We were personally acquainted with William H. Hocking, late a Private in Co. "H" 26th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers, and who died on or about the 14th day of October A.D. 1879; at the time of his death the only children of the deceased, living, under the age of sixteen years were William H. Hocking and Iva Hocking and They further say that their knowledge of the above fact is obtained from the following sources, viz: near residence and personal acquaintances, and that they have no interest or concern in this matter.
John Wilson
Peter S. Mc Kibben(?)
      Subscribed and sworn before me, this 28th day of August, 1886, and I certify that the parties whose names appear signed to the foregoing affidavit are the persons they represent themselves to be and are good and credible witnesses, and that the contents of the foregoing affidavit were duly read and fully made known to affiants before making oath to the same, and that I have no interest in the matter.
        (Official Signature) Charles Emmerson, County Clerk

General Source:   S497

Note:   Various Muster-Rolls have been condensed under actual text.
Text:   File Designation: Hocking, William H., Pvt. Co. H, 26th Ill. Inf.
(1) Company Muster Roll. Oct 1 - Dec 31, 1861. Joined for duty and enrolled Nov 1, 1867 at Parkersburgh for 3 years. Present.
(2) Company Muster-In Roll. Age 26. Roll dated Hannibal, Mo., Nov 1, 186_, at Olney, Illinois for 3 years.
(3) Memorandum from Prisoner of War Records, Miss. Roll, Vol. 383, Page 26. Captured and pardoned at Holly Springs, Dec. 22, 1862, and confined at Richmond, Va. 186_.
(4) Company Muster Roll for Jan and Feb 1862. Enrolled Nov 1, 1861, at Hannibal, MO, for 3 years. Present.
(5) Company Muster Roll for March and April, 1862. Joined Nov 1, 1861, at Albion for 3 years. Present.
(6) May and June 1862. Present. Company Muster Roll.
(7) Company Muster Roll for May and June, 1862. Present.
(8) Company Muster Roll for Aug 18, 1862. Present or absent - not stated.
(9) Company Muster Roll. July and Aug, 1862. Present.
(10) Company Muster Roll. Sept and Oct, 1862. Present.
(11) Company Muster Roll. Nov and Dec, 1862. Absent without leave.
(12) Company Muster Roll. Jan and Feb, 1863. Absent without leave.
(13) Special Muster Roll. April 12, 1863. Absent without leave since Dec 21/62. Supposed to be in Benton Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri. (14) Company Muster Roll. Mar and Apr 1863. Discharged at St. Louis, MO, Mch 31/63 by reason of surgeon's certificate of disability. (15) Company Muster Roll for May and June, 1863. Discharged at St. Louis, MO, Mch. 31/63 for disability. Not home ________________________. (16) Company Descriptive Book.
        Age 26 years, 5 feet, 7 1/2 inches.
        Complexion Dark. Blue Eyes. Dark hair.
        Residence: Albion, Edwards Co., Illinois.
        Mustered in service Nov 1, 1861, Hannibal, Mo., By Col. Loomis, term 3 yrs.
        Discharged Mar 31/63 by reason of disability.

General Source:   S288
Page:   Drawer A 35

General Source:   S1356
Page:   p. 908; p. 102 written

Note:   Household 767 has William Colyer and wife Sarah. Household 768 has Thomas Longbons household. Household 772 has Eli Bunting's household. Household 775 has Thomas Hocking's household.
Text:   Household 768/Family 766: William Hocking, age 24, male, farmer, $1000/$300, born in Illinois. Married within past year.
Laura Hocking, age 17, female, born in Illinois. Married within past year.
Date:   1 Aug 1860