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Surnames.com is a genealogy website to assist you in preserving your family history, stories and genealogy research

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Mesa Regional Family History Center
Mesa, Arizona
Mormon Colonies
established in the Western United States
Mexico, Canada, Polynesia & dates of establishment

Library of Virginia

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


US Gen Web Project

Early New England Genealogy Connections

Roots Web Genealogical Data Cooperative



Haggard Family






GedHTree Creates Pedigree Charts & Family Group Sheets

 Anderson Family

U.S. Surname Distribution Maps

David M Friscia's
(178,698 individuals, 62,652 families)

Robert Bickham Family Genealogy

Barrel of Links

Acadian Genealogy Homepage

Genealogy SF

Family Tree Maker Online

RAND Genealogy Club

American Civil War

National Genealogical Society

Everton's Genealogical Helper


Gathering of the Clans

Native American Genealogy

Czech Ancestor Club

Italian Roots

Mayflower Home Page

Kentucky Vital Records Index

OMII Genealogy Project & Kidron Heritage Center

British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid

National Archives of Canada

Canada 411

British Columbia

Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid

JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Genealogy

Scotch-Irish, Native American Genealogy

Kelly Clann in Ireland

The Seeker

1801 Census

Scandinavian Genealogy

Hood County Texas Genealogical Society

Karen Basile's Genealogy Software Reviews

Compuserve Roots

Federation of East European Family History Societies

Native American Genealogy

Olive Tree Genealogy Homepage

Royal Genealogy
of European &
Egyptian families

Lineages and Surnames

Genealogy and Family History in Illinois

Lawrence County,

Canadian Genealogy and History Links

Odessa ...
 a German-Russian Genealogical Library


Treasure Maps: The How-to Genealogy Site

The Genealogy
Home Page

Frequently Occurring Names in America

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There are many thousands of genealogy Web sites on the World Wide Web... 
We have listed these websites to guide you in your genealogical research.

These Web sites have been recommended to us by YOU,
our viewers as the best websites to begin your search for your family names.

We encourage you to continue to send us the locations of additional sites
you would like to see listed here.  Please tell us why you liked the site or how it has helped you. Any site listed may also request to be removed. 
Send your E-mail to Gary Foster.

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