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How to do research in the Family History Library
in Salt Lake City, Utah
by Gary L. Foster

1 Prepare for your visit

before you go to Salt Lake City

You should complete as much as you know about your family before leaving home.  Enter into your genealogy database entry program like PAF the names, places and dates of all your relatives and link them together as families.

Document with references to the proof source locations in books, microfilm and vital records that someone else could easily find and verify your research.  Use the 1790-1930 U. S. Census Records to locate your family as they moved across the United States usually to the West.  Use reference books that refer to your ancestors by author, publication date, page number, etc.  Refer to microfilm by film number and location on the film to proof your facts.

Go on-line to the Family History Library catalog http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp to locate microfilms of original records in the locations and places your family lived.  Rent these microfilms to be sent to a Family History Center near you for you to research all you can learn before coming to Salt Lake.

Use the on-line Internet genealogy websites at your local Family History Center to gather even more information from huge databases of genealogical facts.  Many of these centers have these on-line Internet genealogy websites available for you at no cost.  Some of you even subscribe to these websites yourself because you want to gather in the information in the convenience of your home all you can before going to the Salt Lake City, Utah Family History Library.

To really get your money's worth by visiting the Family History Library record the "problem you want to solve" on a Research Log and specifically write down what you want to know and bring that into the library when you come.

So, why go to do research in Salt Lake City?  What do they have in Salt Lake City that is not easily found in the city where you live?  Well, they have five floors of space to hold their collection of 310,000 books, 2.4 million rolls of microfilms (no rental cost to use them here), 742,000 microfiche, serials, and other formats; 4,500 periodicals and 700 electronic resources.

No other facility in the world contains more records of genealogical value than this facility.  Most important are the thousands of senior volunteers who assist you in finding the records of your ancestors and act as guides all over the downtown Church Campus buildings.  Your smile is their reward for service.  When you have tried everything you can find in the region around your home and in the area of your ancestors, pack your bags and come to Salt Lake.

You might consider printing off the Family Group Sheets, Pedigree Charts and Proof Sources you have recorded your family on and carrying them with you so you can show them to the volunteers.  Also, carry your Memory Stick of your genealogy PAF file with you so you can easily load in on any of the hundreds of patron computers your family to better ask a question.

Records are available for the United States, Canada, the British Isles, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.  The majority of information contains records of people who lived before 1930.

Currently 200 cameras are microfilming records in over 45 countries.  Records have been filmed in over 110 countries, territories, and possessions.

Patron Resources:

  • 202 patron computers
  • 509 microfilm readers
  • 36 microfiche readers
  • 28 microfilm and microfilm copiers
  • 4 microfilm scanners
  • 15 book copiers
  • Seating capacity for 396 patrons at tables
  • Orientation and research classes to better your research skills (click here for a current class schedule)
  • 125 full-time and part-time professional staff

So, these reasons plus one more is why you go to Salt Lake City to continue your research at the Family History Library.  The other reason you go to Salt Lake City is to get away from your normal busy life and concentrate on solving the harder problems in your personal family history research. 

While there, you can attend the many plays, concerts, basketball games, walk through Temple Square, listen to Tabernacle Choir or just relax.  The more adventurous will love skiing at the many local resorts just an hour away.

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