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How to do research in the Family History Library

in 6 Easy Steps

Gary Foster, Webmaster
Gary L. Foster, Webmaster
Main entrance into the Family History Library just west of Temple Square
35 North West Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150-3440
By finding your ancestors place in history and how they lived their lives you better understand how to live your own life
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Easy Research Steps

1.  Prepare for your visit
Prepare for your visit before you go to Salt Lake
before you go to Salt Lake

2.  Start with what you know
Start with what you know about your family
about your family

3.  What to take with you
What to take with you and what to leave at home
& what to leave at home

4.  Where to start in the Library
Where to start in the Library

5.  Advanced areas of Research
Advanced areas of research

6.  Follow-up on your research
Follow-up on your research after returning home
after returning home


This is the most photographed
Temple in the world

Salt Lake Temple
on Temple Square in downtown
Salt Lake City, Utah

Photo Tour of
Temple Square
& the LDS Church Campus Area in Downtown
Salt Lake City, Utah
Mounded beds of Mixed Summer Flowers

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More to see in
Salt Lake City

The Utah Jazz Basketball schedule

Brigham Young University

The University of Utah

Skiing in Utah



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