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Henry Gale

Here is a quick reference to those descendants of Henry Gale
who was born in England, lived in Australia and immigrated to live in Beaver, Utah.
FamilySearch PID KWNF-Y3X  –  FindaGrave Memorial

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Wife and Children

Sarah Ann Wills
FamilySearch PID KWJ6-41M –  FindaGrave Memorial

Elizabeth Gale
FamilySearch PID KWNV-G3F  –  FindaGrave Memorial

James Gale Sr.
FamilySearch PID KW86-N3D  –  FindaGrave Memorial

George Albert Gale
FamilySearch PID LRVZ-KQ8  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Rebecca Gale
FamilySearch PID KWJC-B4V   –  FindaGrave Memorial

Wandell Pacific Gale
FamilySearch PID KWV3-47G  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Henry Charles Gale
FamilySearch PID KWJK-49T  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Sarah Ann Vegas Gale
FamilySearch PID KWV3-4QJ  –  Findagrave Memorial

Joseph Gale
FamilySearch PID KW8V-C1C  –  Findagrave Memorial

Mary Eleanor Gale
FamilySearch PID KWZX-W39  –  Findagrave Memorial

Thomas Henry Gale
FamilySearch PID KW8R-T78  –  Findagrave Memorial

Edward Gale
FamilySearch PID LKVS-6DC  –  Beaver, Utah

Wife and Children

Hannah Holroyd
FamilySearch PID KWJB-DQ1  –  FindaGrave Memorial

John William Gale
FamilySearch PID K2W8-SVT  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Mary Hannah Gale
FamilySearch PID K2W8-SJG  –  Beaver, Utah

Harriet Ellen Gale
FamilySearch PID LRZZ-49B  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Oliver Wills Gale
FamilySearch PID KWC2-759  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Michael Hala Gale
FamilySearch PID KWCH-4JR  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Fannie Gale
FamilySearch PID KWCP-VQN  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Sarah Amelia Gale
FamilySearch PID K2W8-SKG  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Irene Gale
FamilySearch PID KVG6-56N  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Alice Gale
FamilySearch PID K24W-RHY  –  FindaGrave Memorial

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