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The Gale Surname is of English origin

The Gale Families are mostly found today in the United States, Canada, England, Wales, South Africa, India and Australia.  

My own Gale ancestry comes from Box, Wiltshire, England to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to Bernardino, California to Beaver, Beaver, Utah to the Mormon settlements in Eastern Arizona to Corralitos and Colonia Diaz in Chihuahua, Mexico and back into Arizona where our family has scattered everywhere. 

Henry Gale who immigrated from Australia to Utah remained there.  His son James Gale traveled to Arizona.  His son George Henry Gale is my grandfather and his daughter Elsie Gale married my father Alton Scott Foster.  I, Gary Lee Foster am their son.  My mother, Elsie Gale loved her Gale family and her surname.

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Henry Gale

Here is a quick reference to those descendants of Henry Gale
who was born in England, lived in Australia and immigrated to live in Beaver, Utah.
FamilySearch PID KWNF-Y3X  –  FindaGrave Memorial

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Wife and Children

Sarah Ann Wills
FamilySearch PID KWJ6-41M –  FindaGrave Memorial

Elizabeth Gale
FamilySearch PID KWNV-G3F  –  FindaGrave Memorial

James Gale Sr.
FamilySearch PID KW86-N3D  –  FindaGrave Memorial

George Albert Gale
FamilySearch PID LRVZ-KQ8  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Rebecca Gale
FamilySearch PID KWJC-B4V   –  FindaGrave Memorial

Wandell Pacific Gale
FamilySearch PID KWV3-47G  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Henry Charles Gale
FamilySearch PID KWJK-49T  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Sarah Ann Vegas Gale
FamilySearch PID KWV3-4QJ  –  Findagrave Memorial

Joseph Gale
FamilySearch PID KW8V-C1C  –  Findagrave Memorial

Mary Eleanor Gale
FamilySearch PID KWZX-W39  –  Findagrave Memorial

Thomas Henry Gale
FamilySearch PID KW8R-T78  –  Findagrave Memorial

Edward Gale
FamilySearch PID LKVS-6DC  –  Beaver, Utah

Wife and Children

Hannah Holroyd
FamilySearch PID KWJB-DQ1  –  FindaGrave Memorial

John William Gale
FamilySearch PID K2W8-SVT  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Mary Hannah Gale
FamilySearch PID K2W8-SJG  –  Beaver, Utah

Harriet Ellen Gale
FamilySearch PID LRZZ-49B  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Oliver Wills Gale
FamilySearch PID KWC2-759  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Michael Hala Gale
FamilySearch PID KWCH-4JR  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Fannie Gale
FamilySearch PID KWCP-VQN  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Sarah Amelia Gale
FamilySearch PID K2W8-SKG  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Irene Gale
FamilySearch PID KVG6-56N  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Alice Gale
FamilySearch PID K24W-RHY  –  FindaGrave Memorial

James Gale

Here is a quick reference to those descendants of James Gale who was born in
Australia and immigrated with his parents, Henry and Sarah Ann Wills to live in Beaver, Utah, Snowflake, Arizona, the Mormon colonies in Mexico and then settle in Franklin, Arizona.  He had two families at the same time and raised 22 children.
FamilySearch PID KW86-N3D  –  FindaGrave Memorial

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Sarah Ann Thompson Gale and Children
FamilySearch PID KW86-N36  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Sarah Maria Gale
FamilySearch PID KWZJ-6TZ  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Harriet Christina Gale
FamilySearch PID  KWZG-G3F  –  FindaGrave Memorial

George Henry Gale
FamilySearch PID KWCK-QRP  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Agnes Rebecca Gale
FamilySearch PID KWJ6-8G6  –  Beaver, Utah

Olive Parintha Gale
FamilySearch PID KWCC-PND  –  FindaGrave Memorial

William Taylor Gale
FamilySearch PID KWZM-Q8Y  –  FindaGrave Memorial

James Albert Gale
FamilySearch PID KWZP-Z9J  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Reuben Ray Gale
FamilySearch PID KWZD-HCD  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Philo Gale
FamilySearch PID KWJ8-HZC  –  Pima, Graham, Arizona

Walter Gale
FamilySearch PID  KWJL-3K5  –  Chihuahua, Mexico

Carrie Mae Gale PID KWC6-C4H  –  FindaGrave Memorial

John Lorin Gale PID KWZS-46M  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Milo Thompson Gale PID LWCY-BY2  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Annie Gale PID KWCP-PRX  –  FindaGrave Memorial


Elizabeth Ann Moyes and Children
FamilySearch PID KW81-HY8  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Mary Elizabeth Gale PID KWJV-8LQ  –  Beaver, Utah

James Gale Jr. PID KWZK-LQC  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Martha Lilly Gale PID KWJ6-WCH  –  Beaver, Utah

Jasper Juakes Gale PID 99QZ-HX6  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Joseph Oscar Gale PID KVG6-2GK  –  Bradley, California

William LeRoy Gale PID KWJV-DF1  –  Chihuahua, Mexico

Charles Gale PID KWJ8-CM4  –  Pima, Graham, Arizona

Ira Bartlett Gale PID KWZ9-PM  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Laura Gale PID KWCT-K6H  –  FindaGrave Memorial

George Henry Gale

Here is a quick reference to those descendants of James Gale who was born in Beaver, Utah, then lived in Snowflake, Arizona, and at age 16 went to live in the Mormon colonies in Mexico and then settled in Eastern Arizona.  He married Elsie Kartchner, his 1st cousin and raised 11 children in Arizona.
FamilySearch PID KWCK-QRP –  FindaGrave Memorial

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Elsie Kartchner and Children
FamilySearch PID KWCK-QR5  –  FindaGrave Memorial

George Marlin Gale
FamilySearch PID KWZQ-5ZT  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Hugh Kartchner Gale
FamilySearch PID KWVS-VDG  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Etta Gale
FamilySearch PID KWCY-WTX  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Jesse Roy Gale
FamilySearch PID KWCL-PC8  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Cora Gale
FamilySearch PID KWZ9-JFN  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Clyde Lavon Gale
FamilySearch PID KWD3-RNX  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Rolly Ray Gale
FamilySearch PID KWZR-HPQ  –  FindaGrave Memorial

James Wills Gale
FamilySearch PID KWZM-ZCH  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Melva Gale
FamilySearch PID KWCK-QRN  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Elsie Gale (My mother)
FamilySearch PID KWZD-6DP  –  FindaGrave Memorial

Victor Armos Gale
FamilySearch PID KWJK-3BZ  –  FindaGrave Memorial