\"\"George Henry Gale

Here is a quick reference to those descendants of James Gale who was born in Beaver, Utah, then lived in Snowflake, Arizona, and at age 16 went to live in the Mormon colonies in Mexico and then settled in Eastern Arizona.  He married Elsie Kartchner, his 1st cousin and raised 11 children in Arizona.
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Elsie Kartchner and Children
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George Marlin Gale
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Hugh Kartchner Gale
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Etta Gale
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Jesse Roy Gale
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Cora Gale
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Clyde Lavon Gale
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Rolly Ray Gale
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James Wills Gale
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Melva Gale
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Elsie Gale (My mother)
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Victor Armos Gale
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