Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

The Foster Surname is of English origin

The Foster Families in America got their heritage in England about 1066 AD after the Battle of Hastings when William the Conqueror knighted a 16-year-old young man (his nephew) Richard de Forestarius and gave to him and his posterity the northern part of England known as Northumberland.  The Forster’s surname evolved and the first son’s in each generation inherited the land, titles and the money.  The second and additional sons eventually became known as Foster.  They spread southward in England and by the early 1600’s were going abroad to establish homes and lands of their own in the English Empire. 

From these many Foster families in England came two branches to America.  The first to arrive was James Richard Foster, age 16 to Virginia aboard the ship, “Safety” in 1635 to Virginia.  The second was John Foster, age 17 to Massachusetts in November 1635 aboard the ship, “Good Hope”. These two men were cousins and began the Northern and Southern branches of the Foster family in America.  “The North stayed north and the South stayed south”.

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This story continues mostly with those who immigrated to Early Virginia in the 1607 to 1750 time period and is known as the Southern Fosters.

The Story of  the Foster Family (Download as a Word document)

This is the best-written story of the descendants of Peter Garnett Foster family of Gloucester, Matthews County, Virginia by Sara E. Lewis for her mother, Mary Belle Jones Lewis for Christmas 2008.  Sara is a descendant of Peter and lives in Virginia.

Peter Garnett Foster and Beverly Ransom Foster are sons of Richard and Susanna Foster.
Gary Foster is a descendant of Beverly and lives in Gilbert, Arizona.