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Temple and Family History Consultant – Learn about your Calling & help others discover, gather, and connect our Heavenly Father’s family.

Finding the Family of God – (4 min video)
Family History enthusiasts share touching experiences they had while finding their ancestor stories.

Salt Lake Temple - under construction for 50 years - dedicated in 1893

Salt Lake Temple - under construction for 50 years - dedicated in 1893

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The Family History Guide  – … your free learning, research, and training center. Family history made easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable!

RootsMapper – Will plot your ancestors by generation on a World Map – Explore the Life of your grandparents through their eyes, with photos of historical events, people and life.

BYU Relative Finder – discover how you are related to Prophets, Presidents, and friends. Created by BYU Family History Technology Lab, Computer Science Department.  This is a crowd pleaser when used on your smartphone with people within 100 feet.

BYU Family History Library – Welcome to the BYU Family History Library homepage. In addition to information about resources available at the library, this site provides access to hundreds of online family history resources, including databases, instructional videos, and more. Many of these resources are freely accessible from your home computer or mobile device while some are accessible only on BYU Campus or in the BYU Library.

My Family Booklet – The My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together booklet is an engaging way to capture and preserve your family story.  We’ll help you record family information, including adding photos, names, dates, and precious family stories.

FamilySearch Blog – keep up to date on all new features, heritage, and cultural events.