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Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

The Haggard surname is of English origin

This ancient surname appears in England, Holland, France, Germany and in Scandinavia spelled many different ways but finally settled as we know it today, Haggard.

Most Haggards today are located in the United States, Canada, England, Sweden and in the Ivory Coast of Africa.

It appears from the research of Clinton R. Haggard that the first immigrant ancestor from England to Virginia in America was Peter Hogard.

For 35 years Clinton R. Haggard, of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, devoted his spare time to researching the Haggard family tree.

Please download his research of 40,400 related to the Haggard families if you are interested?

These Files are temporarily lost to a hard drive failure.  If anyone has them please contact:

Download: GEDCOM file (to view in a genealogy software program)
Download: H-Files (His Research Notes in Rich Text Format) to view in a word processing program)

History of USS HAGGARD DD-555 Destroyer during World War II
(Captain Haggard commanded the American armed ship “Louisa,” which successfully engaged French and Spanish privateers 20 August 1800 off Tarifa, during the Quasi-War with France. Louisa fought off borders and escaped, although damaged severely in the rigging. Captain Haggard was wounded in the engagement.)
Approximately 150 years later the United States Navy named this Destroyer after Captain Haggard.