Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms

The Gale Surname is of English origin

The Gale Families are mostly found today in the United States, Canada, England, Wales, South Africa, India and Australia.  

My own Gale ancestry comes from Box, Wiltshire, England to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to Bernardino, California to Beaver, Beaver, Utah to the Mormon settlements in Eastern Arizona to Corralitos and Colonia Diaz in Chihuahua, Mexico and back into Arizona where our family has scattered everywhere. 

Henry Gale who immigrated from Australia to Utah remained there.  His son James Gale traveled to Arizona.  His son George Henry Gale is my grandfather and his daughter Elsie Gale married my father Alton Scott Foster.  I, Gary Lee Foster am their son.  My mother, Elsie Gale loved her Gale family and her surname.

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